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We need YOUR help!

We are on a mission to reduce the waste of textiles and old bras & help the women of Sub Saharan Africa - Over 300,000 bras are discarded in the UK per year. Instead we propose for you to send them to us, here at the Miskie London headquarters. So we can wash them and send them off to less fortunate women in Sub Saharan Africa. The women who will receive your bras go through many daily struggles and don’t have the same comforts as we do; life for them is hard, unforgiving & treacherous. Why not donate your unwanted bras to give them some comfort & show them some love. This small act of kindness can go a long way.

sub sharan african women
mother & daughter sub sharan africa

In this time of global uncertainty it is crucial to not forget about those less fortunate than us. We have partnered with a great charity; Change 1’s Life whom will ensure the distribution of the bras, giving them a new life with the special & resilient women of Sub saharan Africa. This small act can make a big difference in someone's life, offering them comfort and support daily.

mother & child sub saharan africa

How do I Help?

All you need to do is find an old bra that was loved, you can even write a nice note and send it to us, we’ll do the rest :) Your bras will be cleaned, patched-up and then sent to these inspirational women.

Be sure to take some pictures or a short video with the bra in hand then share them to your socials with the #giveabra & #change1slife encouraging more people to get involved.

Chnage 1's life give a bra campaign with Miskie London
Vicky Fleetwood taking part in the Miskie London & chnage 1's life giveabra #giveabra
Miskie Londons giveabra campaign
MIskie Londons giveabra campaign
Shanaugh Brown taking part in the Miskie London & Change 1's life #give a bra campaign  campaign

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@miskielondon has partnered with @change1slife in their recent campaign #giveabra 💕 the aim of this campaign is to provide bra’s to women in sub Saharan Africa, with the help of YOU we can provide these women with comfortable & supportive bras. Once all the bra’s have been received, cleaned and repaired @change1slife will ensure the distribution of the bras.

. Financial independence is hard to gain for women with only 19% of land owners being females.

. Female genital mutilation is a real issue in over 26 countries in the region.

. 24% of girls aged 15-19 are married, 60% of the countries legally allow girls to get married. This is incentivised by dowry’s being paid to the families.

. Girls & women are often considered to be owned by the husband/father.

To get involved in this amazing cause and show some love  all YOU need to do is follow the simple steps below...

  ⁃ Find some pre-loved bra’s that you no longer using (these can typically be found at the bottom of your draws & can even be feeding/maternity bras😉) 

Add a nice thoughtful note to the recipient of the bra.

 ⁃ Snap a picture of your package, upload the picture and use our campaign hashtag #giveabra

 ⁃ Send the above to us at @miskielondon so bra’s can be cleaned and repaired ready to be shipped

(our details are below)

Miskie London


‘When you have an opportunity to change someone’s life, never waste that opportunity’ 

Access to all appeal assets (Click here)

smiling sub saharan african woman
african girls learning at a desk

More about the charity we are working with:

Change 1’s Life is a UK based grassroots charity aiming to assist people in need around Sub- Saharan Africa who are the victims of poverty and natural disaster or catastrophe by supplying them with food, clean water, clothes, medical aid and education. 

african girl smilling

Life in Sub-Saharan Africa For Women:

Women in Sub Saharan Africa have a difficult & treacherous life. Genital mutilation is still a widespread issue in the region affecting 26 countries.

For women it’s harder to build self-reliance & finance independence, women only make up 19% of the country's land holders. They are encouraged and in some cases forced to marry at very young ages (as young as twelve) & even bear children.

sub saharan african mom

Want to learn more? 

What Life Can Be Like For Women In Sub Saharan Africa



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