Best bralette looks
Since around 2014, the bralette has been increasing in popularity and is now a staple piece of an underwear/bralette outfit look. Especially within the last couple of years, we have seen many an influencer in their glamorous pictures wearing bralettes as more of an everyday essential helping to peak popularity even more. Below are some bralette outfit ideas to tickle your fancy as we approach warmer weather.
The Ultimate Chill -
These chilled outfit ideas will give you some inspiration on those chill days on the sofa, especially on a Sunday. Pair a bralette with something that’s comfy such as lounge shorts and tracksuit bottoms. Want to feel a bit cute to make yourself feel less guilty that you’re spending all day doing nothing, but eating the whole fridge? Want maximum cosiness? Throw on a knitted chunky cardigan. If you want to level that one up and want to feel like a ‘smooth operator’ (yes its that song!) find a lovely, dainty and most of all comfy bralette PJ co-ord set. This is the perfect opportunity to continue to make yourself feel amazing after a long bath or shower, shave, hair wash and a good face mask. The perfect ending to a new week.
The Ultimate Festival -
Festival attire takes some serious planning and is not something that anyone should take lightly. As festivals usually happen in the summer, a few words can only come to mind apart from sunny – sticky heat and sweat. Ergh. A nightmare to battle with all day, but they say choose your battles carefully and this comes to mind. You want to look on-trend, bright and shiny etc but still want to achieve a high level of comfort and ease. Throw on a sequined bralette with some denim shorts, a bralette with a high waisted slit skirt or simply wear a bralette under a mesh crop top with a high waist denim skirt and there you have it! Looking like a whole snack ready to endure the best summer of your life.
The Ultimate ‘out out’ -
So, we heard you’re going ‘out out’ (Essex voice, doesn’t really bang the same if not does it?) A must have item to completing your look that not only makes you look like one of your best outfits yet, but also fills you with confidence because you know that you’re looking on point (yass go get it girl!) is a staple bralette. Pair a bralette with high waisted wide legged trousers to look sophisticated with the help of strappy heels. Want to look like you did not put much effort into your look (but your friends know you looked for new outfits a week in advance)? pair a bralette with some jeans instead with some mid high sandals and a cute mini handbag.
In whatever the occasion (yes, chilling is still an occasion), we really hope that you gathered some ideas from this blog to help piece some outfits together for yourself for the near or distant future. If you’re filling hella creative and want to keep outfit ideas for frequent reminders, create a mood board with some of your bralettes and hang this up in your room!
If you really liked this piece and want to read more bralette outfit inspirations check out an article that Buzzfeed have written. We could not give them a shout out without a link so click here …………..
And may the Bralette forever be in your favour.
Miskie xo