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Why we believe in British made...

Why we believe in British made...

We’re very proud as a brand to sport this tagline…and we really want to you why.

The world faces many problems in this day and age and unfortunately, the fashion industry is responsible for plenty of environmental, social and human issues, among others, that contribute to this.


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I want to focus, at the moment, on the environmental and human impacts of fashion. It’s sad to think that an industry that allows both designers and consumers to express themselves so freely and artistically has such a negative impact on greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, pollution and more. This is the only world we have and Miskie London is well aware of this, therefore we want to be part of the solution to these issues, starting with designing and manufacturing our products in the UK. One major benefit of this is that we don't have to transport our products overseas from our manufacturers which cuts down on any greenhouse gases emitted by international transport through air, sea, rail or road. It’s no secret that a lot of fast fashion companies export their human labour overseas to poorer countries and exploit their workers, meaning they can pay labourers less and generate more profits. This is happening in many countries but one War On Want article describes the poor treatment of textile workers specifically in Bangladesh. ‘The Bangladeshi garment industry generates 80% of the country’s total export revenue’, making clothes mainly for Europe and North America, however ‘the wealth generated by this sector has led to few improvements in the lives of garment workers’. ‘The majority of garment workers in Bangladesh earn little more than the minimum wage, set at 3,000 taka a month (approximately £25), far below what is considered a living wage, calculated at 5,000 taka a month (approximately £45), which would be the minimum required to provide a family with shelter, food and education.’ On top of this, the workers are often made to work 14+ hours a day in unsafe conditions. 

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This is not something that Miskie London wishes to contribute to. Manufacturing in the UK means not exploiting poorer countries’ labour laws, their workers and helping to boost the UK economy, creating fairly paid jobs. It also offers us a more transparent production line so that we can always ensure that our products are of a high quality for all of our valued customers.

Learn more at:

Bangladesh Sweatshops | war on want

Written By:

Grace Cave


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