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At Miskie London we work with select affiliates to expose our brand to new audiences. Once joining, if you are creating your own pre-agreed content you will receive a free Miskie London lingerie set or bodysuit, or you can use some of our ready to use content including story posts, feed posts & more. You will also get your very own unique URL for your following & discount code. For every order made through your URL, you will earn a starting rate of 15% commission for the value of the order. For example, if 10 people order via your URL and spend £1000 in total, you will receive £150. 

If you think we would be a good fit for you or your publication sign up or email us:

Why should I become an affiliate?

Benefits of being an affiliate:

    • Base rate starts at 15% commission, but select    ,             affiliates will be offered 20%

    • You can create your own Miskie content or use ours

    • Track all unique orders

    • Free U.K. delivery & worldwide shipping available

    • Mobile optimised website

    • All pieces designed & created in the UK 

    • Customers get a free Miskie London face-mask for a limited time

. .

All you need to do:

We want you to express yourself and your creativity through your content as freely as possible, because ultimately you’re the one who knows and understands your audience. The only thing we ask affiliates to do is to post consistently, knowing how to build trust and engage with an audience.

"We celebrate all women no matter their size, sexuality or creed"

- Leslie McCulloch CEO,

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