to the Revolution 

At MISKIE we are on a Mission to bring comfortable, sexy & luxurious underwear to everywoman. 

Quality Over Quantity!We truly believe in quality over quantity and want to raise awareness of the impact overconsumption has on theenvironment. Simply buying less and buying better quality garments can have such a positive impact on the environment.We try to meet this standard by having a small, but quality filled collection. Our pieces are sure to give you long lastingcomfort meaning you will not have to keep buying underwear. 

You can begin sharing your affiliate link before you have your own Miskie pieces. With your online log in you will see content within the gallery & in our Dropbox where you will be able to find beautiful photos such as flat lays, Miskie box shots, inspiration images & promotional posters to use. Just add your own caption that you believe will resonate most with your following; we recommend being engaging, detailed and emotive.

Have your own Miskie Pieces? 

Great! That means you can begin creating amazing content to showcase Miskie London to your audience. For the bestresults make sure the images are bright, clear & to your aesthetic. If you have audiences on multiple platforms be sureto think of a true to personal way of showcasing them on each platform 

 Using your unique link

 Make sure whenever you can whether it be in stories, bio or captions to use your unique linkprovided once you signed up. This is how all your sales and commission(s) are tracked. Please be sureto add your payment info into your gateway in order to get paid from the commissions that you haveraised. Also remember you can put your link in Facebook groups, forums and more. 

Good Practice

 Our affiliates often find that posting on there socials about Miskie generated the best returnwhen done between 2-3 times weekly across different socials. Also showing that you wear the piecesin nonpromotional posts also helps as this shows that you love & wear the piece’s yourself.  

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