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Proud to be a British brand

Miskie London is a British independent brand, all our pieces are designed and made with love in the United Kingdom.

We use the softest materials and lightest trims for ultimate comfort

Originally founded in 2018 to be a Brand with three simple principles:
Comfort, Style & Luxury.

Prominent, innovative, and inspirational, Miskie London is the new luxury. We know that luxury is a state of great comfort and elegance which is why we pay attention to the smallest detail on every single Miskie piece. We have sourced the softest fabrics and trims to craft the comfiest pieces. Our design team understand a woman’s relationship between her and her underwear and know that at times its difficult to find the best fit, they have studied the shape and form of women for years, they know how to create the best fit underwear for you, our British made underwear will be sure to give you the upmost comfort in your everyday activities.

Miskie London pink black womens underwear set
Miskie London red black womens underwear knicker

Quality Over Quantity

Miskie London grey womens underwear set

We truly believe in quality over quantity and want to raise awareness of the impact overconsumption has on the environment, simply buying less and buying better quality garments can have such a positive impact on the environment, we try to meet this standard by having a small but quality collection. Our pieces are sure to give you long lasting comfort meaning you will not have to keep buying underwear.