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Our Values

Miskie London is a lingerie brand that stands on four core values. We are:

Ethical: Our lingerie are made in England, ensuring that workers are fairly paid. We strive to be sustainable and ethical by adopting a slow fashion mode of production, as opposed to fast fashion. We prioritize quality over quantity by producing a limited number of collections, while ensuring they are of high quality and long lasting. We are currently taking further steps towards sustainability as we are planning on launching a new plush range with a more environmentally friendly cotton substitute.

miskie london, three models wearing miskie london's floret collection. miskie london is a inclusive, thical & british lingerie brand.

Inclusive: We believe that all women deserve to be uplifted and loved. We support body diversity as we believe that it is our responsibility as a lingerie brand to give an accurate representation of what women’s bodies look like in the modern world. 

two models wearing miskie london pink plush range. luxurious lingerie made ethically in England.

Purpose-driven: One of our main purpose is to promote women empowerment and self-love. We believe that lingerie is a gift to yourself, which is why we curated an elegant and slick packaging that will arrive just like a gift, from us to you. In addition to this, we actively endeavour to help people as we worked with various charities in the past. Recently, we partnered with the National Relief Fund for their coronavirus appeal bydonating £5 per item sold. Currently, we are working with Change 1’s Life with the #giveabra campaign.

black & white union jack, miskie london pieces are all designed & made ethically in England.

Homemade: We take pride in the fact that our lingerie are a product of premium British production. Choosing to have our lingerie made here allows us to have greater oversight on the design and production processes, guaranteeing a delivery of the highest quality and standard available.